Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yes or No?!

Yes or no?! Will you or won't you?

We did it; we filled out the paperwork on what we would & would not accept in LP. I had heard that this could be one of the hardest things you do in your adoption process & I can honestly say, they were not kidding!

The list was 6 pages long & some of the questions did not pertain to us, as they were dealing more with foster care. Our state does not have a separate form for adoption & foster care, they are all lumped into one.

It did not take us as long as we thought because we decided before we started if one of us waivered at all regarding a situation or condition then we would say "no". We figured it would be so much easier at this point if we had any doubts to say no, compared to when there was a child, with a referral & possibly accepting something we were not comfortable with. You know how it can fall in love when you see that face & have a hard time saying you just cannot do it.

There were things on the list that I would have never thought of. For example, would we accept a child of rape? There were also conditions that neither one of us had any idea of what it was & we had to consult Dr. Google. Did you know Macrocephaly means the child has an abnormally large head? We didn't, but we do now.

Anyways, what are we accepting?! I know you are wondering.

As I talked about a while back here we have always been open to the thought of a deaf child. We have never had a doubt cross our minds that we could do it. That a deaf child needs everything & deserves everything a child that can hear does. So YES, we said we would accept everything from minor hearing impairment to complete deafness.

This was the major condition we said we would accept. There were other minor things we said we would consider, however with LP coming to us as young as he or she will be, it will be very hard to know if they will have certain things.

We did say no to some things that we felt bad for turning down, however we just did not feel that we could handle it, especially for a 1st child.

I have to say, I felt a bit bad & as if it were unfair that we got to do this. We got to sit & fill out a list of what we would & would not take. When a woman gives birth, she is not this lucky & takes whatever she is given. I almost felt that it was a bit unfair & selfish of us, however I guess it all balances out when you look at the big picture. (pleeeease do not take this the wrong way)

We are both getting so very excited, as LP is getting more & more real to us as each day goes by. We are really going to be parents!


  1. I love that you are willing to accept a deaf child. You are such a wonderful person. :) You shouldn't feel bad about saying no to certain things OR for filling out this form. Adopting a child who may not otherwise have a home or family is incredibly selfless and wonderful, regardless of who that child is. You are doing an amazing thing and I am so excited for you!

  2. Thanks for sharing all of this. I hope to adopt someday and have never put much thought into all of the specific things I will have to think about in accepting a child. May God pick the perfect one for you!


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