Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Week

Day 26 is my week in full detail...Again, like yesterday, I feel boring. This week has not be overally exciting.

Monday I played catch up at work after being gone all last week. Monday's are always crazy, but then when you add catch up; it makes it insane! Needless to say, by the days end, I was beat & fell asleep early.

Tuesday was a funny day at work. Had 1 pain in the butt customer after another & it was all funny crap. I mean, to the point where I wanted to put a couple of them on speaker phone. That probably isn't good customer service, right?! I did however get a massive headache in the afternoon, which once again sent me to bed early. I began to worry that I was being lazy & stuff for the homestudy wasn't getting done.

Wednesday...ahhhh how I love Wednesday! It's my short day at work. Woke up with the same crappy headache, but finally felt better around noon. Left work early & came home to be productive! Cleaned the nursery & got everything organized & ready for the carpet cleaners on Saturday. Did almost all our homestudy paperwork, looked at some baby items a friend is willing to give us and ordered the nursery bedding & accessories (the monkey one).

Thursday I worked all day & then went with my mom for mani/pedi time. Nothing like ending a long day at work with a foot & hand massage, ahhhh.

Friday was pretty good too. The room that will be the nursery still had my old bed in it, as it been used for the guest room. Well, no more place for guest to stay other than on a blow up mattress in our living room! (opps) Anyway, my dad & DH were able to pack the bed up & move it to my parents for storage. So now the room is ready to go for a crib.

Saturday, I worked (I know, I know-I work a lot!) The DH stayed home & we had all the carpets cleaned & he finished up some last little things for the homestudy. I then decided at the last minute to take the DH on a date! We did dinner & saw Inception

Today we slept in, which meant it was 8! I know that isn't late for most, but for us...we were so excited! The DH then talked me into going out on his friend's boat for a couple hours for tubing & skiing. Then it was home to finish the last of the homestudy paperwork & let the DH finish the garage.

So yeah, pretty much my week! Here is a HUGE pat on the back if you just read all of that!! <>

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  1. Sounds like a fun week!! Especially the pedicure(love them especially for the food massage, although hubs gives really great ones too) and tubing. Only a few more weeks of summer! At least here in WI....we could have our first snowfall in 2 short months! Yikes.


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