Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lucy the Lump

Yep, I am going to write about my right boob. After a "survey" of sorts on Twitter, I decided I would go ahead & share what is going on with me & Lucy the lump as I have come to call her.

I normally do pictures with my post, but I decided the post alone would bring enough weirdos, I didn't need to add some random picture!

This is all happening so fast. I mean, I know I found out about the lump a month ago, but as far as round 2 is going; it is fast! If you missed my original post about Lucy, you can catch up here.

So when I went back last Thursday, I knew what would happen, but I think I was a bit in denial. I as so proud of myself, I had given up ALL caffeine. Which, I will admit, I didn't really realize how much had caffeine it in. It was not as bad as I thought it would be, only because it was medically induced. I had never been able to give it up just because, but apparently if you scare me enough, I can do it!

Anyway, I go to Dr. Phonebook & he tells me he doesn't feel that it has gotten any smaller, even with the lack of caffeine. I do have a funny story about the appointment though. He had a med student with him. After all I have been through, I am an open book. If somebody can learn from my odd body, more power to em, let them in. So after he feels the lump, he ask if it is ok if she does....sure, why not! Let's all play with my boob! So she comes over, this little petite thing & she looks scared to death. Her hands are sooooo cold & she barely touches me. Dr. Phonebook was like, you cannot be afraid to touch her, if it hurts, she will let you know...she still barely touches me. I just wanted to be like..listen girl, it's just a boob that happens to have a lump. If you want to be an OB, you are gonna see a come on, touch my boob!

After the boob touching, or lack of...he told me he wanted to get a mammo & speak with a surgeon. He told me over & over he is still very optimistic that it is not cancer, but he wants to be safe & due to the size, I should see a surgeon. He then goes on to tell me the surgeon that is assisting with my tube & ovary removal in December also does lumps, so I could go back to him if I want. Let's call him Dr. Turkey (since I was in the turkey themed room when I saw him)

I won't lie. I came home & I was mad. I was mad that I had to deal with something else...what more could I deal with?! I was mad that as we are on the downhill of the adoption I have more physical stuff to deal with & the timing is just down right shitty. I was pretty down that night...quiet & went to sleep early, I just need to chill.

Friday I started making all the phone calls I needed to in order to get the ball rolling. Needless to say, that started a nightmare!! I was told when I called the breast evaluation center that I was too young for a mammo, they wouldn't do it. EXCUSE ME?! I have something in me & you are telling me I am too young?!

I proceed to call the insurance to see if it was an insurance thing or the shits (excuse me) at the hospital that felt I was too young...I ended up finding out it was the hospital...AWESOME! Anyway, I had to cal the doctor back & have the script rewritten for an ultrasound & then a mammo if necessary. So that is now the plan...a waste of time & money if you ask me...but whatever.

I then called Dr. Turkey's office & they wanted to get me in as soon as they could get the results, so I now go to him on Thursday. They told me even if they didn't have the results, he would call them & just get it that way. So yeah, come next Thursday afternoon, I will have an idea of what is going on with my boob.

I am not overally scared, as Dr. Google has reminded me I do not have the signs of cancer. Thank you Dr. Google, you can be nice sometimes. I have however thought about what I would do if it was...just because I feel I need to think about that while I am calm & not emotional.

I just want it taken care of. I want it done & over with & then I can move on. I wonder if it needed drained or cut out if they can just wait until December & just remove the lump, the tube, the ovary all in 1 shot & just bandage me like a mummy...but I doubt that will happen.

So for now, that is where I stand. Ultrasound Tuesday & surgeon Thursday. More stories of my boob to come..


  1. good luck to you and your boob!

  2. Sorry about your boob trouble. And what's wrong with these people? When I had a mammo, the radiologist mocked me and acted like I was paranoid even though I was there on a doctor's orders!

  3. Blah boobs. I had an ultrasound done of mine once! But that's because I was actually secreting fluid like I was nursing (not a lot, but still freaked me out). They wouldn't do a mammo for me either.

    You would think doctors would listen more to us as we know our own bodies better than they do!

  4. you made me laugh with the story about your boob...but wow, I hate laughing when this is not all...

    I will be thinking good boobie thoughts for you...let's get these tests done and move on to happier things huh?


  5. GIRL i have been out of the loop! SO sorry about that. e-mail me sometime if you want...I went through a lump removal a few years ago after I found a lump. Had to go through the whole stupid mammo/ultrasound thing too. everything was fine for me...I'm praying yours will be fine too :) *hugs*

  6. Hi. I finally made my way over from twitter to see your post about Lucy. I'm glad that you have appointments scheduled next week so you can get to the bottom of this. I will absolutely keep you in my prayers and that all goes well and that lil Lucy just needs to be removed and then thats that!


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