Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Dreaded Homestudy

Ok, so I've been a BAD blogger this week & have so much to catch on!

First we will start with the homestudy. We had been working out butts off to make sure that all the little things around the house were done. I also wanted as much paperwork done as possible, so that could be done & out of the way & given to the social worker when she came. Monday & Tuesday night we were both like chicken's with our heads cut off.

Now I know, everyone tells you that the homestudy is really nothing to worry about. I know I should have listened, but that was just impossible! We had the housekeeper come on Tuesday & scrub everything from top to bottom...baseboards & all. I worked so hard on our emergency contact magnet for the fridge, while the DH worked his magic on our fire escape plan.

Come Wednesday morning, the nerves started kicking in. I had not been nervous at all up until then. I was more in the mind set that I just wanted it done & over with & to move on to the next thing. Well we left work about an hour & a half before the SW was to be there & let me just tell you..I was a WRECK!! I peed so many times from nerves that I debated on just sitting in the bathroom for the homestudy :) The DH told me there was really nothing to worry about, it wasn't like she held our future in her hands or anything...gee thanks hun! I was trying to calm myself down by watching TV & trying to forget & the cable went out! Perfect timing Time Warner, thank you oh so very much! So the DH put some music on & started playing Michael Buble (always a good choice). This of course was all after the ant problem we came home to!

We have had NO ant problems what so ever all year! We always leave Kiso's food out, however this day, the 1 day that I need the house to be perfect, we come home to an army of ants; I mean a stream of them, walking from his food to the other side of the kitchen! So we scramble around trying to kill them & clean things up. I'm spraying bug spray to stop them from coming in-then I freak that the house smells of bug spray, this is probably looked down upon in the homestudy world! So I open all the windows, light a candle & hope the place airs out! Thank goodness it did, however of course the lawn people were working outside most of the time..oh well!

We had also been working with Kiso so he would not bark with the SW rang the doorbell. He barks, almost this high pitch bark, like it hurts his ears. Every night the past couple of weeks we had been ringing the door bell & whatnot. He had been getting so good & wouldn't you know the SW comes & doesn't even ring the doorbell because the screen door was open..ha! Oh well! I will admit, I was a bit worried about Kiso. He sometimes can be a bit protective. He never would hurt anyone...just gets a bit yappy. Needless to say, I guess my "speech" I gave him the night before while I gave him a bath worked! He laid in his bed the entire time she was there! THANK YOU KISO!!

So anyway, the social worker arrives & I totally get all into sitting down with her & starting things & forget to offer her anything to drink-opps! This after I made sure we had plenty of options to offer her. Good thing I caught it in a few minutes & was able to offer her something!

She was really a great lady. She showed us pictures of her grandchildren & told stories how the one was adopted, & so was his mom. It was nice to see that she too had a family that was passionate about adoption. The entire homestudy it's self was not bad at all. It was a lot of questions! Everything to how to your parents discipline you as a child, to what were your child care plans. It was nice because she asked my DH all his set of questions first, which gave me some time to listen & prepare my answers for mine! We then answered some questions together.

Now remember when I said the DH put on Michael Buble to calm me..this is when it gets good! He left it playing in the background the entire time. We get to the very last question & our wedding song comes on-perfect timing!!

After the questions she asked to see the room that would be the nursery & the fire extinguisher in the kitchen...that was it! I have to say, I was a bit disappointed that she did not ask to see anything else! I mean we had been working so hard..didn't she want to see the clean baseboards or under the sinks where I organized?!

And that was it folks...she left! Why did I feel the need to pee so much?! That was so easy & I felt like a dork after for getting so worried.

She told us it would be a week to 2 weeks before we receive the draft of the homestudy. At that time we will look over it to make sure that things are spelled write, fact are correct, etc. Then all we are waiting for is the DH's 2 child abuse clearances & our fire inspection. Those are the only things left to finish the homestudy. We also need to get our fingerprints back from the FBI & then that is it! We are done!!

I cannot believe a year ago we were just starting this process & here we are, almost ready to begin our wait!


  1. Isn't such a relief to have it completed?

  2. Glad that it is over with :)

    Big sigh of relief for you!

    Now I have to go do mine, haha

  3. I was just like you, nearly frantic going into the home visit part! And like you, part of me really wanted her to inspect all the nooks and crannies that I had worked so hard at cleaning!! But in the end, it's good to know they are just looking for big stuff and don't care if your house is dusty. :)

    Welcome to the waiting club!!

  4. Im sure the sigh of relief you let out was prettttty big :) Glad its done, and the next steps are in progress!

  5. Congratulations on that hurdle! It's a big one. We dusted the fan blades on all the ceiling fans, like she would have looked up there! I tested all the smoke detectors and she didn't even notice them. She asked us later, "Do you have smoke detectors upstairs?" I said, "Yep." She said, "OK. Cool." And that was it. She only stayed for 20 minutes! But congrats on being done. It's an awesome feeling.

  6. I'm so glad it went well for you! I hope that you guys get good news soon!

  7. Glad to hear everything went well and things are moving forward!

  8. how exciting!!! glad it all went well!

  9. yay!! congrats! this is a huge step! :)


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