Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 of 30

30 days is over, I cannot believe it. I really have enjoyed this 30 days of post.

So here we are, on the last day & the question that this will be ending with is: What is your dream for the future?!

My dream is to be a good mother. I want LP to know that he or she was so loved & wanted, even before we had a face to go with this nickname. I want LP to know that adoption was never 2nd for us, this was how we were meant to become a family & we wanted them to come into our lives this way. There was never a doubt we were meant to become LP's parents this way & become a family like this.

I want to be there for the first day of kindergarten & be there when they get home from school. I want to be there for the first dance class or soccer game (or whatever their heart desires!) I want to not miss a thing!

I am so excited to see LP blossom before my eyes & I do not want to miss a thing. I never want LP to think I was too busy to be there for them.

This is my dream...just to be the best mom I can


  1. And you will be...

    I know exactly how you feel about loving LP before you even know the face. We love our baby so much...already...Hopefully that day will come sooner...

  2. Aw - love this post. You will be a fantastic mom and I think LP will understand that this is how you were suppose to become his/her mom!

  3. You will be a good mom. What a great dream to have. Some focus on financial matters, job, social aspects, but to have the one and only dream of being a great mom shows how selfless you are.

  4. such a beautiful dream that i know you will fulfill!

  5. You are going to be a wonderful mom! LP is so blessed already, wherever he or she may be. I cannot wait to see what amazing things are waiting for you!


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