Saturday, January 2, 2010


11/2001-Diagnosed with Endro.
12/2001-Surgery for endro & cyst
2001-2006 No period & lots of problems
4/2007-First RE visit, diagnosed with PCOS
5/2007-Ovarian Drilling (and some more)
11/2008-Ovarian Wedging (and a lot more)
12/2008-Given ok & 6 months to get pregnant
5/2009-Still no PG, more test
7/2009-HSG, All clear
8/2009-SA #1 for DH, Azoo
8/2009-SA #2 for DH, Azoo
9/2009-Urologist appt. for DH, doesn't look good-slim chance
9/2009-Decide to go with adoption to build our family
10/2009- Yet another lap, or yearly cleaning as I like to now call it
10/2009-Adoption classes
11/2009-Announce we are adopting
1/2010-Decided on a country-COLOMBIA
1/2010-Get hooked up with great agency
1/2010-Send in application to Agency
2/2010-Draft Application sent to Colombia
3/2010-Application received in Colombia, awaiting to find out when the board will review it
3/2010-Send in child abuse clearance forms
4/2010-Approved by orphanage
5/2010-All Paperwork sent to be apostilled
6/2010-8 of the forms come back as incorrect
6/2010-Finally get child abuse clearance back for Mrs-still waiting for Mr
6/2010-Contract & payment sent for Homestudy
6/2010-5th Lap
7/2010-Find out Lap was not successful due to extreme scarring adhesions on left side
7/2010-Choose to remove left ovary &  tube & fix bowels. Surgery scheduled Dec. 9
7/2010-Start homestudy
7/2010-Finish all our dossier paperwork & it's sent to Colombia 8/5
8/2010-FINALLY get one of the Mr's child abuse clearances
9/2010-Homestudy Draft Received
9/2010- Fire inspection
9/2010- Mr gets his FBI Fingerprints
10/2010- I finally get my FBI Fingerprints
10/2010- Send FBI fingerprints to be apostilled
10/2010- Home study APPROVED!
10/2010-Fingerprints apostilled
11/2010- Everything sent to Colombia
12/9/2010- Left Ovary & tube removed
12/2010- Fingerprints for I800A
1/24/2011-I800A approval
2/2011- On the list & waiting for referral
5/6/2011- Receive a referral for a little girl & sadly have to turn it down; told could get a new referral by end of the month
5/8/2011- Baby shower for our LP
5/9/2011- Have lump removed from my right breast
6/2011- Cleared from surgeon, lump was cancer free
7/2011- Told by agency more than likely, referral won't happen until 2012
9/2011- Abnormal pap, will have to have colposcopy
10/2011- Colposcopy shows no sign of cancer, paps every 6 months
10/4/2011- Leave the Colombian adoption program & decide to go domestic
10/2011- Decide to take a 6-12 month break before starting domestic infant adoption
12/22/2011- Find out I have to have my a mass over 9cm on my spleen
12/27/2011- Meet with surgeon regarding has to go, surgery scheduled
1/2012- Turn the big 3-0
1/20/2012- Spleen removed, in hospital for 5 days
2/9/2012- Develop blood clots in my lungs, back in the hospital for 3 days
2/13/2012- Start at Coumadin clinic to be watched while I take blood thinners for 6-12 months
3/20/2012- Blood levels finally leveling out
5/2012- 4 year anniversary
5/13/2012- Homestudy renewal...canceled, DH gets called for jury duty
1/2013- Off blood thinners!!!
4/2013 - Have offer of surrogate..start looking into surrogacy or even IVF for us
5/2013- Celebrate 5 year anniversary
5/22/2013- Meet with new RE to see if IVF is an option, as we decided surrogacy is too $. Everything looks good on my end, sends us to IF Urologist
6/7/13- Urologist appt for DH
6/27/13- Bloodwork from urologist comes back, DH has Y chromosome defect. IVF off 
7/13- Decide to put house on market & sell it the night before we do
7/13- Move into tiny 1 bdrm apt while we start building a house
9/10/13- Saw a waiting child online & contacted about him
9/12/13- Received his medical records
9/16-9/19/13- Lots of research, going over medical records, etc
9/19/13- Find out another couple has requested his records-heart breaks
9/20/13- Speak with Cincinnati Children's on this little guys records. Dr's last sentiment was 'hang up the phone & call the agency right away, do not lose this little guy'
9/20/13- Tell the agency we wish to move forward with the adoption. They inform us they will accept no other applications on him
9/21/13- Fill out a 3 page 'survey' on why we feel we would be good parents
9/23/13- Speak with agency, they have accepted us & congratulate us on becoming PARENTS!! 
10/14/13- Letter of Intent 
10/16/13- First homestudy done
10/18/13- Fire inspection, fingerprints & police checks
10/22/13- Only paperwork that needs to go to Chinese consulate in Houston sent
10/25/13- Homestudy visit #2
10/29/13- Homestudy visit #3
11/1/13- 4th & last homestudy visit
11/1/13- First forms back from the Chinese Consulate!!
11/4/13- Last of forms sent to be state certified 
11/11/13- Receive first videos of our little guy!!
11/12/13- 10 documents sent to Chinese Consulate in NY, only thing left for dossier is Homestudy
11/19/13- Paperwork back from Chinese Consulate, waiting for OH to provide child abuse clearance, so our homestudy can be finished. 
11/20/13- Adoption agency approves homestudy
11/29/13- After going to state reps, got Ohio Child Abuse Clearances back
12/2/13- Official homestudy approval
12/3/13- Homes study county certified & sent to state
12/4/13- Everything sent in for I800A 
12/10/13- Homestudy received back from state-travel info from agency received
12/11/13- Homestudy sent to consulate (last thing for dossier!) 
12/11/13- USCIS sent official receipt notice for I800A 
1/27/13- Receive notice from USCIS that our homestudy agency left out their Hague accreditation. Have until 3/8/14 to get this to them.
2/3/14- I800A approval!
2/4/14- I800A sent for state certification
2/10/14- I800A received back from state & off to consulate 
2/18/14- I800A received back from consulate & off to agency 
2/21/14- DTC (Dossier to China)!!!!
2/27/14- LID (Long in Date)
4/29/14- LOA (Letter of Acceptance)
5/23/14- I800 Approval
6/17/14- Article 5 
6/30/14- TA (Travel Approval)
7/1/14- Got our Consulate Appointment
7/10/14- Leave for China
7/14/14- Family Day!!!!!!
7/18/14- Off to Guangzhou
7/23/14- US Consulate Appointment
7/24/14- Find out the US Visa/Passport system is down-stuck in China
7/29/14- Make it home (finally)
5/4/15-  A's cochlear surgery
7/14/15- 1 year home
1/6/16- Mama's birthday & I find a waiting child online. Contact the agency & get medical paperwork
1/8/16- Speak with Cincinnati Children's on this little guys records. Dr's last sentiment was 'scoop him up & how do you get these great little guys?!'
1/19/16-Start Homestudy 
1/21/16- BCI/FBI Fingerprints
1/29/16- Official acceptance to adopt our little guy from Korea 
2/2/16- First homestudy visit 
2/8/16- Babes first stitches. Get a report from Korea that F had a little accident
2/16/16- Fire Inspection
2/20/16- 5 hour day of psychological exams for our homestudy
2/23/16- Homestudy visit #2  
3/8/16- Homestudy visit #3 (last one) 
3/9/16- Homestudy draft sent to agency & Child abuse clearances from Ohio received!
3/31/16- Open Lap due to more endo, adhesions & fibroids 
4/4/16- Homestudy approved (FINALLY!!) Official wait for F to come home begins
4/12/16- Acceptance packet sent to Korea
4/19/16- Everything sent in for I600A 
5/26/16- Fingerprints for USCIS I600A
6/2/16- I600A approval
6/7/16- I600 sent to USCIS
7/18/16-Informed S. Korea will no longer accept our FBI fingerprints on state letterhead, have to redo them & get them on FBI letterhead 
7/19/16- New FBI background checks back! 
7/22/19- USCIS I-600 Notification 
11/8/16- EP submission-should have court date in 1-2 months
11/16/16- Court logged in case
11/17/16- Judge assignment
12/7/16- Court Date received
1/13/17- Travel to S. Korea
1/16/17-First meeting with F
1/18/17-2nd meeting with F
1/19/17-Court Date
2/20/17-  Final approval!!



  1. Wow - I think this is the first time I've read your timeline... you're one tough cookie!! Even more so than I already thought!! I really hope that your new journey is an easy one!! Wishing you nothing but the very best!!!

  2. My goodness, you have been through a lot. So glad I found your blog and mazel with the domestic adoption!

  3. I just found your blog and read your timeline! Wow! You have the strength of a lion. I can't wait to follow your journey to your happy ending :)

  4. Finally.....your struggle has been far too long. So excited for you guys.


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