Thursday, July 30, 2009

Calm & Cool

Wow!!! I am not sure if it is all in my head or if this human pin cushion stuff is really working already but I am more calm and rested than I have felt in a long while!

If it's in my head; I'm glad I am so convincing-but I would like to think it is really working & there is much more relaxation and hopefully babies to come with all of this.

I also did my homework last night. I thought after putting all these sticky tabs with spikes on them onto my hands I was going to go nuts. I kept telling my hubby there was NO WAY I could sleep with these on, I just wanted to rip them off. I think I was like a little kid and he was the parent telling me to leave them alone! But I was good and finally figure out how to ignore them and fell asleep & slept very well may I add.

So here I am, it's almost 24 hours later a& I am already a huge believer in letting myself be stuck with needles. I guess I just cannot really remember a time when I came to work & nothing bothered me-NOTHING! I do not think I can remember a time since I took over the company almost 4 years ago that nobody has annoyed me, or I haven't wanted to scream, so it has been very nice.

I am so relaxed & had such a nice day that the hubby & I are even going to celebrate by going on a date tonight!

All I have to say is bring on the needles!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PCOSChick becomes a pin cushion!

So I just had 14 needles in me & I wasn't drunk &/or getting a tattoo!!

Wow, I am still trying to take in everything that just happened in the past 2 hours. I was so very excited going into this and really had no idea what to expect-other than everyone else seems to like it. 

It started out with a very in depth history taking. I mean, he asked questions that I would have never thought of (warning: may get to know a bit more about me than you wanted) I know all the questions are asked because this may cause that or that may be because of this issue that happens, so I have no problem with answering, but my bowel movements have an odor?! Ok, was soooo not expecting that question! But anyhow, we got past that and on to some other things. I am a very big believer in alternative medicine, so I knew some of my other 'non-fertility' issues may be caused by or may be harming my fertility or lack of.

After the hour of talking and going over my cycle or once again lack of, along with all the other goodies-it was time to get on the table. Prior to the needles coming in he checked my pulse and then went to feel my stomach to see for scar tissue from my surgeries. (Side note:after my surgery in November, where I was cut from side to side, the stomach muscles started going down hill & I am still working on trying to get back) Now I know I have been lacking in the working out department, between work and sleep, it really has not fit in lately. I have been lucky because I have not gained any weight, however my firmness has becoming well, not so firm anymore. Anyhow, he went to feel for scar tissue and goes"wow, you were right, you haven't been able to work out lately, you need to work on that" Hmmm...I know I'm fat dude, just stick me with some needles, got a place you can stick me to loose weight?!

So then on to the 14 needles, none of which I looked at. wonder how awesome I looked laying on a table like a pin cushion?! Most of the needles were in my stomach/pelvis region of course, but also my legs, feet and hands. I did not feel anything in my stomach, since I do not have most of the feeling there, really felt one go into my foot, but other than that; nothing! Once the needles were in, I also got a heat lamp, which may I add is AMAZING!! (I think every woman should have one, especially while on AF). Somewhere in there I fell asleep and the next thing I knew it was an hour later. 

When he took the needles out I felt like I was getting shock waves through my body, but it wasn't a bad shock, almost a good shiver. 

I was then informed I had homework before next weeks session. Homework?! What? I did not sign up for more homework! I am starting my MBA in a few weeks & I do not need more homework! Plus I am thinking, really? What kind of home work can an acupuncturist give? Well, see the picture at the top. (It's hard to try to take a picture of your hands while holding the camera, hence the hand drawings) Well, I have these sticky things, some with gold backing and some with silver & I have to place them on the front & back of both hands and sleep with them on. Anyone else have anything like this?!

Overall, I am hopeful! I am trying to be hopeful about EVERYTHING & I can see good things with this. So next Wednesday at 6-back to become a human pin cushion I go!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


So I am reading this great book & if you have not read it and you are TTCing-get on it! This book deals with everything you need to know and will be dealing with, but it makes you funny. I mean, laugh out loud, can't help yourself funny!

The book is The Conception Chronicles by Patty Doyle Debano, Courtney Edgerton Menzel and Shelly Dicken Sutphen

But I read this section the other night and had to share it because I was just about ready to pee myself reading these!

What do you response when somebody says "When are you having kids?" "Are you starting a family yet?" "Do you want kids?" "Do you want more kids?"

Here are some of the best responses I had heard & PLEASE feel free to use them! I think number 3 is my new answer of choice :)

1) We can't. I'm Barren
2) It's not likely. My husband suffers from erectile disfunction. (Optional: Add "hereditary" when asked by a particularly nosy in-law.)
3) We're getting a boat instead. It's way more fun!
4) Our dog (cat, pig bird, etc.) is our baby. And he's much less of a hassle than a kid. The best part is, we can board him for only ten bucks a night whenever we want to get away.
5) We're going to start trying as soon as our couple's therapist says it's okay.
6) I actually despise children.
7) We're going to start trying as soon as I stop taking antidepressants.
8) No, I like to sleep too much. I would never want to deal with the 2 A.M. feedings.
9) I'm not sure we'd be good parents. We have a standing reservation for Friday night happy hour, not to mention Saturday morning Bloody Marys. A hangover is bad enough without some baby screaming.
10) We want to until we spent time with your kids.

11) It's none of your f&%*ing business 

Use away and have fun with it!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Highs & Lows of BBT

So when I went to the Dr. last and he told me he thought I was ovulating & I should go straight to IUI, I almost became determined to prove that I wasn't ovulating-or at least the proper way!

I went to Target(how I love thee), bought a very lovely lavender colored BBT thermometer (why do they have to be so girly colored) and found a print out chart online to start my charting. Yes, I said it, I went old fashion at first-pen & paper! Yes, people still use pen & paper, or at least I do. I started charting on the first day my lovely visitor decided to come and it went from there. Well here I am, a month later and all I can say is wow-I'm more "messed" up than I thought!

I have also decided to step out of the 80s and start charting online. This actually has turned out to be very help and only further helps me to really have some good information to go back to my Dr. in September and say "SEE"

Since I am new to this, I am still learning what all this means, but thanks to my Twitter gals, I am slowly learning more and more about my so called cycle. It's just so amazing how up and down I go. I would love to see a "normal" one and how I compare...but wow, that is all I can say.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Will Be Pregnant By....

Just a short post tonight...too long to post on Twitter!

Why do we go and get it in our head that we will be pregnant by FILL IN THE BLANK. We are only setting ourselves up for let down, but as we all know it is easier said than done. I must admit, I fell victim to the "I will be" bug. I had it in my head I would be pregnant by the wedding I went to this past weekend. I thought about how perfect it would be because we could tell his parents when we were visiting with them and then my friends at the wedding. Yep, I had a full blown case of "I will be" And yeah, I am sure many of us know, how that all turns out.

After experiencing this once, I really want to try to stop from getting bit again. I know people say to stop worrying it will happen (my mother's famous line) but how can you not? How can you not think you will be pregnant by a certain time, how can you not worry and think about it? I know I need to start feeling this way and believing what my mother says; but how?!

I do not want to get the "I will be" stuck in my head again...but truly how does that work when you just want to be a mother so bad?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Not So Great At This Already

Wow, I have not even had this blog that long and I am already stinking at it!!! (Sorry)

So let me take a moment to catch you up on what is going on! I had my HSG test last week and it was clear, everything; not the slightest bit of anything. So that was great news. My regular OB told me after the test he would not see me for 3 months due to the fact that the dye can just clear you out a bit and a lot of women will get pregnant. We will see what happens, but I do not see him until September. In the meantime, I have been doing a lot of research, possibly too much! Is it possible to bee TOO informed?! Because if so, I think I am getting there! I just cannot help myself, I want to know what is going on, what my options are. I am like on info overload. This sometimes turns out to be not such a great thing, when it leads to crying and becoming angry, but hey, can't we all use a goo cry from time to time?! Anywho, I have been reading Infertility for Dummies (which I highly recommend) and that has really given me a great insight to things. I also have 4 books in line after I finish that one and too many websites are bookmarked on my computer.

I have also been doing a lot of thinking about my current RE. He is wonderful, I really like everyone that works there too, but he is in another state! So that is the first issue, being in another state-a bit over a 2 hrs drive. Is that really realistic once we start treatments?! Not really! 2nd issue is still lingering from my surgery last year that their accounting department messed up, which pretty much screwed me and 3rd, I found the SART website. I was shocked to find out that SART told me that my RE was not as great as I thought he was! So, after really thinking about these 3 things, that lead me to start researching RE's closer to home that had better SART standings. I have found 2 that I am VERY interested in. So the plan is when I go back to the OB in September, to talk with him and go from there.

So pretty much from here on out is going to be move of an adventure than I thought it would be; complete with a new RE. I am ready though I am so ready. Every bone in my body is ready to be a mom and I will take whatever comes with that.

Sorry again for lagging in posting, I will try to be better i the future!
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